Take soul for walkies

I’ve taken to hiking recently, so far so good. I could go very long distances no problemo. The more lost I get, the better. In fact, must start planning hillier, rockier and generally more challenging terrain. More cliffs. Even water is not a necessity. As long as I have 2 or 3 tepid cans of Carslberg in my backpack, all is dandy. Food isn’t much of an issue either. Last hike, I was huffing and puffing my way up to East Sussex whilst eating a total of six very stale Maccies cheese bites I had bought earlier that day at London Victoria station. I’m not sure why but at the time, I would not allow myself to stop and eat so I almost choked on one. They lasted me pretty much all day.


South Downs

You see, I think that the effects of hiking or even just a long walk can resemble those of meditation.Nothing but nature giving me all I need to carry on for miles. Deep meditation is said to leave you in want of nothing, even for a time afterwards. Just pure contentedness. Then again a well-refined class A can achieve just the same state so I don’t really know. What my point is.

I’m going to go watch Cool Hand Luke now. Been meaning to a while. Cheerio.


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