Here to take a break from tedious job applications that probably won’t even be given a moment’s gander, but that’s not the main problem here. I must give release to a fat bastard of a worry that’s been worrying my little brain so much you can probably see it growing out the top of my head. Like in those animations where a tiny stitch has burst and erupted and out pours some cloud-like grey candy-flossey matter. Is that a thing? Is that even a thing that happens in animations. I’m starting to wonder if I just imagined that’s a thing. Well fuck it, I’ve made it a thing.

Is it possible to relapse on a person? The sight, presence, touch, smell, words, indifference of a being. That a person can fill you, possess you, be your every breath and inclination was previously unknown to me. Exorcise me. My mind fraternises. Betrays me.

The worst thing is. You were lovelier. Than I’ve ever known.

Thank you. You can go now.



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