Alone, not lonely


It’s also important to not jump

I’d like you all to know something. Alone does not mean lonely. You might seek solitude, actively go with it. Then you might find it is just what you wanted. You may  feel joy and inner peace like you did not know. You might then learn a thing or two about your self (good or bad or downright ugly), feel more liberated than you ever thought you could.

You will always hear justification for those who like their company. Something like – we as humans are a socialized people, the need to seek out fellow humans for heated small talk and constant vying with strangers for superiority in the form of subtle digs has been ingrained from the moment of birth. Nothing else really matters but the upkeep of face and feigning positivity at every turn. We must not underestimate our capacity for being the most brilliant bastards.Now go and  make us a cup of tea would you, or better yet we all glug a cold pint.With every sip this ordeal will be assuaged into sweet nothingness.(Sorry for digression, a possible symptom of hypersolitude binging?)

Anyway, please don’t let somebody bring you down for indulging in some me time. Esecially yourself.For embracing a somewhat friendless approach to life. It does not make you a loser if you genuinely find yourself to be adequate company. If anything, it ought to be celebrated. They say acceptance is one of the greatest things you can achieve in life. Well you came on your own and that is how you’ll leave. So if you favour being alone, you are just accepting the nature of life. Don’t be disheartened.



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