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No more days in the snow

Eyes have changed

Deep set sills

Under cracked panes

Behind torn voiles

Windows to the hole

Black bottomless void, fear filled

They never lie

So never meet my gape

Everything stinks grey flesh bad pulse worse spirits


It will no longer snow here

Snowflake days are done

Besides it’s summer

No one will be bringing anyone down

No more

There be no more frowns

Down, down

No more



We’ll have none o’ that

No more

No siree


NB my writing needs a lot of improvement I realise and I am not loving this one that’s for sure. I know I can do better. Not keen on how I ended it. And the transition from first verse to second is awful but perhaps I am not used to writing poetry with content that moves from negative to hopeful. Just means I should do more of it 😉


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