The sober voices of so many pro-remainers congregate indefinitely around every social media platform and commenting space.

I don’t feel I can say an awful lot that is productive or strikingly original on this matter but this is my country and I feel obliged to say something. It really is damn well sad that this is the way it’s gone. It took a Brexit to show that democracy is clearly lost on the UK. This country and it’s capital in particular is a rich and vibrant melting pot. That pot is now being pissed in, pretty soon we may not even have a pot to piss in and to top it all off a great, blithering, yellow-feathered, bike-riding scarecrow is potentially our next PM.

Then again demoralization, disdain, death threats (they’re justified when they involve politicians) – can only spread and the frustration catch so quick from one man to the next. No room for even a sliver of hope. I’m sure no one is ecstatic about the state of things post-Brexit, even leavers, given the air of uncertainty and impending doom. But I definitely agree with the view that we should accept this and move on. Do all we can to continue to be proud of Britain and capitalise on this togetherness created, a togetherness confined to UK sadly, but in aiding progress and not to dwell. Talk of a second referendum/independent London is I feel so feeble I’m sure I’ll be forgiven for not jumping for joy at a prospect that just isn’t. It would be awesome but feels a bit like false hope. A new referendum is not just so easily doled out I’m sure. I also did read that it’s not.

At the risk of sounding too much like an unknowing knobhead, I’m all for doing anything I can to not fuck things up even more. Moving onwards and upwards. Then again I was strongly favouring the leave vote during nascent campaigning (I have convincing friends!The whole debate was so messy from go! It was a panic buy!) Which I refunded in due course I’m glad. Sadly just over half chose to keep their purchase, sadder yet, many wanted a refund on the leave vote and came to just a day too late. A day! I guess there were no reviews for them to read, just a tank load of fresh fuelled feedback post-purchase.

Who knows, perhaps I am a pessimist still. Perhaps we do get that stab at referendum: take 2. Will our divorcee EU even give us a second chance after this? Because they seem sore beyond forgiving. I find I can liken Brexit to the end of a strong, loving relationship. Oh our betrayal toward EU is real. As is our remorse. Accept. Onwards and upwards…Because that’s worked out so well with my personal struggles.(See virtually every previous post for details.) For I’m all about that acceptance, queen of optimism, the very picture of grace and independence.

To end upbeat, here’s some tuneage with lyrics I feel capture the regrexit situ most stunningly.



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