-for sale

I love this, read it again and again. Find myself somewhat guilty of the issue raised and it’s refreshing. It is that beautifully sincere kind of writing set to instigate change. I think all would do well to read.



-for sale

at the expense of humanity
for the price of your sanity
consciousness has become
a sellable commodity


Iโ€™m utterly dismayed at so much of what the world is offering now.

Consciousness has become a sellable commodity with hucksters standing at street corners of the cyber world, they have found their wagons and they sell their elixir, guaranteed to cure all.
The sipping of which is made easier, the injection needle, the drip, the life support machine through social media.

People with no minds, no hearts, no soul, no experience, no knowledge, who buckle at the loss of a few dollars, who canโ€™t swim their way out of a fish bowl, all prancing as gurus, just because they got a tattoo, learned how to spell chakra, burn incense and have an instagram account.

Yes Iโ€™m incensed.
Whilst people suffer and need the help of merciful hands, we placeโ€ฆ

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