Way to go

Stand once more to the looking glass. She’s on my goddamn case again. Wicked glare. Frightened eyes and frightful mouth. All I had wanted to do was check that I was still there. Still existing, still aware.

Sheen greys, sheer craze.

Seconds split, shards slit.

Image cracks and now I see
Just what I need to do
Is a lot less letting go of me
And a lot more letting go of you.

Fire burns a hole in my mind and a raging chasm in my soul. Been wading through hellfire to get to a door that will not open for me and no manner of force will see it torn down. I’d like to get back to myself now. I know I will have to go back the way I came. Road of ash and ember, bar the rage. I beg of you. I might have swam my way back, but alas I cannot swim. As it goes, for now, that’s fine by me.


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