They won’t leave

You tell me how I can remain
This walking talking
Smoking coking
Gainsayer extraordinaire
Bursting with a ton
Blue mist
That was no joke mother
That was a matter of dead and deader
Can’t fix a thing in either state
Please take me there
Dropping little babies and grand heirlooms in my wake
Wending my way through flame
Climbing root to spire making bloody tracks for my ghosts
They won’t leave me
So I plan to make this easier
This way, please
Oh even you my cute little chagrin
I’ll scoop you up you rotten cunt
Snug in my arms, close to my chest, my heart
Change is for the greatest
So I harbour this fugitive
Sitting on the top of a stairwell in my brain.
Smile but don’t look too closely
You undo him
And I fucking bury you alive.


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