Witching hours

The crazed witch that harrowed us to insanity in the house where I grew up
Is slowly making her way back into my life
From a distance I see her, I feel her
Wending her way through overgrown jungle-garden weeds and fetid animal carcasses. Grave omen
I know that cackle, inimitable
As pronounced as hers decades ago
When she wore my father down, took his key, took his crown
We all sat watching, too scared to move.

And now they come over me nightly, clawing
Gnawing at my limbs from all four corners of my bed
Trying to tear my mind out, and drink my faint heart dry
Please call off your demons
Here is not your resolve
Father I promise,
I won’t let her in this time
As long as we all live.


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