Here lies the likely lad

Acutely unfurled
To be all but crumpled
All monumental here
Then combustion. You’re a million debris
Courtesy of a million degrees
Of frictional white-hot head
Seeing in and reading red
Cursed contradictor
Rasping against your innerspeaker.

My love is a dying breed
For better or worse
Though probably best
For there are not many like me.


Mercy ma

Day of ruthless judgement come, I be deceased
It will be everything I ever dreamed
For I’ll look into the eye of the one I always grieved
And say I was everything I ever could be.

I’m so sorry for murdering hapless loves
Heartbreak born of my gutless goads
But here me now ma, I come readier than I am raw
So shower me with it pure,
And I will rain in turn, on you and yours.



You see, I was only trying to recall a time
That I think has never been
Was I a child once?
Had I been blithe?
For sweet scented lillies sprout
Memory was in bloom, now entombed
A father’s lesson on taking the wheel
A mother’s warm embrace
Monumental bombshells
Now fragmented shrapnel lodged in my brain
Ringing insane, my one true bane.

Please let me live and receive love
That I can repay it tenfold
That every friend and foe
Poor disillusioned souls
Know that when I go
I did strive to love and hate accordingly.


Breath of past/To the last

Never made dealings in cert
The lone leaf weary, refusing to be taken by the wind
And make swirls beside all others
Remains shaking obstinately on concrete beside the gutter
You will not take me.

But you think I am indolent
It is greater pains to be down fighting your will
Than to be be dancing for you the way you want
But there is no love for those who go against you
We take not a thing to have nothing to return
If you don’t believe me
Look, here comes a boy now
To stake his youth, his cleanly play
An almost stout skip to
And the crisp leaf crunches underfoot
His polished schoolboy loafer
Oh so worth it
He’s better for it too, now
Lone leaf sighs
And then there is peace because it served a boy well
In this cold comfort hell.


Nothing I’ll do now is fair game
Passive gamer
Gross disdainer
I didnt stand a chance
Never could believe I made a believer out of you
Know this please
I have loved
With you, by you, because of you
For a time
I feared the fire that burned our nights
As it was explicable
Only by that thing otherwordly
Let the stars be
And the shield remains up
To my dismay
And to your modesty proper.